I'm Pietro

Hi! I am a PhD student at the Robot Learning Lab of Imperial College London, working under the supervision of Dr. Edward Johns. I use artificial intelligence to teach robots how to manipulate and interact with objects. My interests lie at the intersection of robotics and computer vision and I strive to develop agents that can efficiently learn new skills from demonstrations.

These are really incredible times for artificial intelligence. Foundation models in vision and language are getting better by the day and allow software to interact with the world like never before. Image and video generative models are also increasingly proficient and will potentially allow for the creation of immense simulated datasets. This beings said, how to best use these technologies to build physical agents is not straightforward and that's exactly what makes robotics so exciting!

If you want to get in contact I'd be more than happy to receive an email from you at pietro[dot]vitiello17[at] otherwise you can visit any of the links below.