Welcome to the world of
Pietro Vitiello

Hi, I am an Italian currently pursuing a PhD in the Robot Learning Lab at Imperial College London. In 2021 I graduated from Imperial College with an MEng in Biomedical Engineering, during which time I progressively got captivated by computer science. In particular, during my Undergraduate degree I have worked on a several projects which opened my eyes to the fascinating topic of machine learning and computer vision. For instance, I have had the opportunity to work on developing an autonomous sign language translator and the following year to design an algorithm for the automatic segmentation of cartilage in knee MRI scans. To strengthen my foundations I subsequently decided to take an MSc in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at Imperial College, from which I graduated in 2022. In the last months of this Masters degree I had the pleasure to research towards finding an alternative visual representation for robot actions in visual robot learning. Currently, my interests lie at the intersection of Robotics and Computer Vision and are focused on few-shot Imitation Learning for robot manipulation. Ultimately, I aim at developing methods through which a robot can learn everyday object interaction skills, while minimising the required amount of human supervision.